Yona Love is
on call for you.

You can reach us at:
or yonal@yonalove.com

"I have known Yona for nearly twenty years and she continues to deliver reliable services I can bank on. When one of my projects runs into trouble, she is the first call I make, and usually the last call too. She has a passion for her work and that makes all the difference in the world. Whenever I am asked to recommend an expediter, I tell them to go to Yona - she will take care of you. " - Allen P., New York

"Yona isn't afraid to tell me I can't do something and think I will just "get away with it". She knows what the Department of Buildings is looking for in regard to safety issues and other items. With that said, she has a wealth of ideas to develop an alternative strategy which will leverage my investment while abiding by regulatory building and safety codes. She gets it, and I never build anything without consulting with her first." - Abe C., New York

"Yona Love always makes us look good! Enough said! " - Mark C., New York