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New York City is one of the most famous urban centers anywhere. It therefore has many government agencies to regulate construction in its diverse neighborhoods. As a developer, architect, contractor or homeowner, this means you must anticipate the requirements of working with various departments. Failure to adequately prepare can directly impact your bottom line with costly delays and fines. The best way to avoid these issues is to hire a department registered filing representative or expediter.

We will work with you to ensure you have all of the required approvals and permits to keep you in compliance with NYC laws. This can include reviewing insurance requirements, researching the current status of your site, and examining your entire scope of work. The best strategy to quickly move forward can be recommended. We work with property owners and managers, Registered Architects and Professional Engineers, Contractors and consultants to expedite jobs of all sizes.

Call us today at 718-252-9576 for a free consultation. Let us show you how we can help you comply with NYC building code and zoning law, so you can meet your deadlines.